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Top quality Orkney produce! All our food is home-made and cooked fresh to order. Please note that below is a sample menu.


Garlic Bread £2.00
Coleslaw £2.00
Chips £2.00
Onion Ring £2.00
Salad £2.00

Children's Meals

Sandwich £2.50  
Sausage, Beans and Chips £4.50 £6.50
Pizza and chips £4.50 £6.50
Chicken Fillets, Beans and Chips £4.75 £7.50
Mince and Tatties £4.50 £6.50
Fish Fingers, Peas and Chips £4.50  
Scampi, Pea and Chips £5.75 £10.50
Haddock, Peas and Chips £5.75 £10.50


Soup £3.50
Bacon Roll £2.20
Bacon and Egg Roll £2.20
Minute Steak and Onion Roll £4.50
Mince Roll £2.75
Sausages in a Roll £3.00
B.L.T £3.00
Chicken Burger £3.00
Cheese Burger £3.50
Spicy Bean Burger £3.20


Sticky Toffee Pudding and Cream £5.25
Ice Cream per scoop £1.00
Jelly and Ice Cream £2.00
Homebakes from £1.00


Tea £1.40
Coffee £1.40
Cappuccino £2.00
Latte £2.00
Hot chocolate £1.70
Herb Tea £1.50
Cans of juice £1.20
Mineral water £1.20

Fae The Sea

Crab Chowder (GF)
Fresh Orkney White Crab Meat & Rice Soup Served with Bread and Butter.
Scallops (GFA)
Fresh Westray Battered Scallops Served with Salad and choice of our own Signature Sauce, Marie Rose, Mayonnaise, Thai Yellow Sauce or Sweet Chilli.
Small £6.00 / Large £12.00
Haddock Goujons
Fresh Westray Haddock Goujons Served with Salad and a choice of our own Signature Sauce, Marie Rose, Mayonnaise, Thai Yellow Sauce or Sweet Chilli.
Small £5.75 / Large £9.95
Orkney Fish Salads (GF)
Served with Salad, Bread and Butter and either Mayo, Marie Rose or Sweet Chilli Sauce. Choose from:
Orkney Hot Smoked Salmon Small £5.00 / Large £9.95
Prawns Small £5.00 / Large £9.95
Fresh Orkney White Crab Small £6.50 / Large £13.45
Smoked Pierowall Fishcakes
Served with Salad and mayonnaise.
Small £4.50 / Large £8.95
Fish Burrito
Fresh Westray Battered Haddock Goujons, Salad Leaves, Guacamole and Orkney Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion, Sour Cream & Tomato in a Flour Tortilla Wrap Served with Salad, Crisps and Grapes.
Crab Wrap
Fresh Orkney White Crab Meat with Philadelphia, Sugar Snap Peas and Mayonnaise Wrapped in aTomato Tortilla. Served with Salad, Crisps and Grapes.
Westray Roll (GFA)
Served with Salad Garnish and a choice of Mayo or Marie Rose. Choose from:
Fresh Orkney white Crab Meat £6.50
Orkney Hot smoked Salmon £5.00
Prawns £5.00
Breaded Scampi Served with Salad, Peas and Chips.
Fresh Westray Battered Haddock Served with Salad, Peas and Chips.
Captain Cook Burger
Fresh Westray Haddock Fillet in Batter With Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, & Coleslaw with a Choice of Tartar Sauce, Mayonnaise, Sweet Chilli sauce or our Own Signature Sauce Served with Salad and Chips.
Haddock (GF)
Fresh Westray haddock Pan Fried Served with Salad, Chips and a Choice of Garlic & Parsley Butteror Coriander, Lime and Chilli Butter.
Castageo Pasta (GFA)
Fresh Orkney white crab meat and king prawns in a light lemon and cream sauce served with spaghetti.

Fae The Land

Soup of the Day (GF)
Fresh Homemade Soup of the day Served with Bread and Butter.
Black Pudding Fritters
Served with Salad and a Beetroot Chutney.
Small £4.50 / Large £8.50
Blueberry Barbecue Chicken (GF)
Mini Chicken filliets served with a Homemade blueberry BBQ Sauce and side salad.
Small £5.75 / Large £9.75
Chicken Fillets
Battered Chicken fillets With Salad and our own Signature Sauce.
Small £3.75 / Large £7.50
Sandwiches & Toasties (GFA):
Served with Salad, Crisps and Grapes. Choose from:
Cheese and Tomato £5.75
Tuna and Red Onion £5.75
Ham and Tomato £5.75
Crab Mayonnaise £7.50
Prawn Marie Rose £7.50
Steak Burrito
Prime Orkney Minute Steak with Red Onion, Orkney Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream,Tomato and Guacamole Wrapped in a flour Tortilla Served with Salad, Crisps and Grapes.
Chicken or Veggie Wrap
Served with Salad, Crisps and Grapes. Tomato Tortilla filled with Philadelphia, Red CurrentJelly, Sugar Snap Peas, Baby camembert and Warm Chicken or Vegetarian Sausage.
Skara Brae Burger (GFA)
Served with Salad and Chips. Prime Orkney beef burger topped with Orkney Cheddar Cheese,Sautéd Onions, Sautéd Mushrooms and Bacon.
Click Mill Chicken Burger
Battered chicken burger with Philadelphia and chilli jam.
Village Veggie Burger
Spicy bean Burger with a Hot Tomato Salsa Encased in Breadcrumbs Served with Saladand Chips.
Veggie Salad
Rosemary Crusted Melted Brie with Beetroot Pickle & Pinenuts served on a Bed of SaladServed with Bread and Butter (chips).
Chicken and Mango Salad (GF)
Warm Chicken on a Bed of Salad Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce and a Mango Couliswith Bread and Butter or chips.
Smithfield Grill (GFA)
Prime Orkney Minute Steak, Orkney Pork Sausages, Orkney Black Pudding, Bacon,Tomato and Beans Served with Chips.
Curry Of The Week (GF) £9.75
Yorkshire Pudding
Large Yorkshire Pudding Filled with Prime Orkney Roast Beef and Gravy Served with Peas.
Granada (GFA)
Prime orkney beef mince in a tomato and orkney cheddar sauce served with linguine.
Chilli Chicken (GF)
Homemade mexican chilli chicken with a fresh tomato salsa served with basmati rice.
Phoenix (GF)
Chicken breast baked in the oven with a tomato salsa topped with orkney cheddar cheese and mozzarella, fresh tomato and coriander served with basmati rice.
Zamora (V)
Homemade chick pea and rolled oat balls served with a rich tomato sauce served with salad and chips.
Chilli (V GF)
Homemade sweet potato and bean chilli served with basmati rice.
Chicken Pasta (GFA)
Chicken in a homemade leek and Pancetta cream sauce served with Linguine.
GF = gluten free / GFA = gluten free available.








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